My first passion is photography and all the great things that a decent dSLR will provide. It doesn’t need to be expensive just fit for purpose and by that I mean giving you control of the image that you want to take.

After that it’s all about trial and error and learning a new skill. The theory, although important, should be used to enhance and point you in the right direction – In my opinion.


There are some fantastic websites, that will teach you everything you could possibly want to know about photography an here we intend to supplement that knowledge and provide additional resources, that we’ve found or that we think would be really useful.

We find that the really useful sites tend to be those where the blogger is a professional or active photography. They’re able to see a scene and compose the image in their mind and setting up the equipment to capture the image they envisage. This is a skill that only comes by doing, by trial and error and using self-critique to analyse and compare, what works, what works better.

Little tweaks, small adjustments, repeat and analyse. This moves you along the path to become a photographer as opposed to a “snapper”


There’s nothing wrong in taking snaps. At that level, you’re just recording a memento, a keepsake. Something to remember, a gathering a special event, a place you visited. The lighting, composition are secondary to actually capturing the moment and the mood.

But when you can supplement snaps with photography. You get the best of both worlds. Your photos will look better and capture more of the mood.


It’s quite possible to take great pictures with the latest crop of smart phones. They are very capable and offer a range of controls. But they have their limitations and will prevent you reaching your full potential.

But no matter what the technology, the basics of photography don’t change. So a photography with a smart phone would be expected to take better images than a snapper with a dSLR. The equipment isn’t the key factor here, it’s the skill that the person taking the image posses.

Getting Started

Here’s a list of sites that we think are really useful if you’re just starting out

Beginners Guide
composition for Beginners

Lighting for Beginners