8 Person Tent

The wild land

The Camping Expedition

Back in the summer we all went on a camping expedition. It worked out really well, better than I thought. We have four children aged 14,12, 9 and 7 and one dog.

So there’s six of us, seven if you include our dog. That’s why I like camping, which I used to do a lot as a child, because to can take your pets. And our dog deserves a holiday just as much as we do. And I think she enjoyed the vacation the most.

Tent lit up at night

Getting a Tent

We needed a big tent and I wanted something with plenty of room. So I decided on an 8-person tent like the ones I found here http://best8persontent.com.

The eight man tent Gives us extra room to put our belongings into. Instead of using the car as an extra wardrobe. And it worked out perfectly for us.

Another great thing that I like about camping is that you pack everything you need in the car and get to your final destination, then unpack.

Avoiding Airport Madness

How to avoid stress if you have to fly

There’s none of the nonsense of weight limits and having to meander between hordes of people at an airport and keeping an eye on everything. And then there’s the queues and the small seats on the planes. All that stress is removed when you go camping – perfect.

Where we went was without internet access. I know you’ll find campsites with Wi-Fi. But I purposely choose not to have this option because I wanted the children to be gadget free for two weeks. Cell phones worked but I left the children’s behind, on purpose.

Tranquil bridge

Family Bonding Time

It was a better vacation without any gadgets. It takes a day or two of cold turkey before they’re not in the “this is so boring” state of mind. But once they got past that, they were fine. Playing outside, climbing trees, looking for treasure, tracking wild beasts. Their imagination was allowed to explore.

A really great holiday and we’ll do the same vacation next year and for many more years to come.

How to put up a tent

Taking a tent down