Great Three Piece Luggage Sets

old suitcase detail - handle Pick up from the Airport

I had to fetch my sister and her husband from the airport, they were staying with us for a few days. I hadn’t seen her for many months so we had a lot of chatting to do and catch up on each others families and what’s been going on generally. My sister lives near to my mother and aunt. The time really flies when we’re together.

I must get over to my mother soon, it’s been almost a year now, since last Christmas, time flies. But it’s hard with children at school and them being so far away. I would love to have been closer to my family but Jeff, my husband had work out of town and we’ve been here almost three years now and it looks like we could be here for another three.

suitcase packing A Long Way from Home

It’s not all bad and we’ve made many good friends down here but home is home. And I long to go there someday even though the winters are colder and it seems to rain a lot. But that’s where I grew up and I long to go back.

Airport baggage handling and how to prepare your baggage

Well the wait at the airport was a long wait, the flight was delayed by two hours and we live one hour from the airport. So there was no point going home and coming back again. We just had to be patient and wait. But it was worth the wait, Jane and Tom both looked great and we whisked them off home.

4 piece Luggage setThe Three Piece Luggage Set

That’s when I noticed their matching 3 piece luggage set Set. “We want something like that” I said and she told me about this web site which specializes in 3-piece luggage sets.

However we had a lot more things to do than talk about suitcases all weekend. We went for long walks in the park and coffees (many coffees) and and a lovely meal that Saturday night at a place Jeff recommended.

Time Passes too QuickOld suitcase

Alas the end of the weekend came to quick. No sooner than they had arrived, that Friday and they were off again, Sunday evening. But so nice to spend a bit of time with my sister and we’ll have to do it again real soon.

Fees you pay for excess baggage