Masonic Rings

Masonic Gifts and Tie Pin Ideas

At our lodge we like to present a gift to those brethren that reach their 2nd Degree, that of fellow craft. We’ve found the perfect site online Ashlar Gifts It includes sections that have reasonably priced items that make great Masonic gifts.

We feel, in our lodge, that attaining the level of fellow craft shows commitment and we felt a simple gift shows the lodges appreciation and commitment back to the brother. We’ve tended to choose the tie pin and matching cufflink combinations, like the Masonic tie pins shown here.

They are reasonably priced and are always well received by the candidate. And we often see a change in shirt as a result. The candidate will switch to plain cuffs so that he can use his new lodge cufflinks.

Encouragement to the LofI

King George and Scotish Freemasons

At this stage in the masons’ journey we also encourage active participation in the LOI for the obvious reasons of progression through the offices of the lodge and also for a deeper understanding of the craft. All this helps him to understand the workings of the lodge, Where to Join Freemasonry history of our order and those help with those odd words that aren’t in everyday usage

As well as the learning of ritual there’s the social side, the festive board, where we mix and toast and dine. Then retire to the bar for more socializing. All this builds comradeship and a sense of belonging to the lodge and the Brotherhood. An organization who’s main virtues are brotherly love, relief and truth.

I’ve always felt that, in this day and age we live in a materialist society that rushes around, never stopping for thought or contemplation. Freemasonry provides a change to all that, allowing us to take time to reflect and enjoy the company of your fellow man.

Where to Join Freemasonry

I would recommend freemasonry to any man to enable him to become a more rounded person and I’ve attached a few links where you can find out more.

Grand Lodges of the United States becoming a freemason