Tripods for my Camera

camera tripodBenefits of a Camera Tripod

Low light photography, wildlife photography, formal photography greatly benefits from a good sturdy tripod for cameras.

Tripods hold the camera steady, which is important as at lower shutter speeds or using large telephoto lenses, the images will suffer from camera shake. A good camera tripod, like you’ll see here Camera tripod Will remove the camera shake problem. The result is a pin sharp image.

Best Tripods

A good tripod tends to be expensive but it’s a worthwhile investment. It’ll be rock solid steady and will protect your expensive camera gear. Don’t be tempered by those ultra light models, they just don’t cut it and when you put a heavy camera on one, with an even heavier telephoto lens – they’re liable to blow over in the wind or given the slightest knock, fall crashing to the ground.

The bigger tripods are more sturdy and it takes a hurricane to blow them over our you’ve got to run right into one to make it fall over. So you get what you play for. The more hobbyist types are okay for small cameras and smallish lenses but leave a lot to be desired when your equipment gets bigger. I tried one and although not bad couldn’thold the lens securely, the camera on the end just tipped the lens sky woulds no matter how much I tried to tighten it.

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But just having a sturdy tripod is only one factor in choosing a good camera tripod. As with most things in photography compromises have to be made. The trade off here is weight. Camera gear tends to get heavy the better the quality and as the amount of gear increases, so does the weight and if you’re carrying it then that’s a big factor. So sturdy “yes” and light “yes”. This is a problem for manufacturers but ultimately the decision is ours.